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Yoga inspired by the Hatha and Ashtanga methods alongside Ayurvedic principles. A technique of breath, postures and movement, which can help us to alleviate pain in the body, release tension, calm the mind and help us to arrive to the present moment, our true nature, which is joyful and at peace.

Autumn Sky


Meditation helps to calm us, and guides us to come into a state of listening that is spacious, receptive and profoundly wakeful and present. Meditation is a simple yet effective way to collect and deepen our attention through breath, visualization, soft awareness and mindfulness.

Herbal Treatment


Ayurveda is a traditional healing science from ancient India, that can beautifully compliment our yoga practice, guide us to make the best lifestyle choices to support and heal our specific constitiution. Ayurveda presents the principles of Life, and helps us to attune with nature and its universal truths.


1.2 yogaś citta-vrtti-nirodhah

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