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I offer an introductory 3 Day Ashtanga Immersion for beginners who would like to

develop a deeper understanding of Ashtanga, and set themselves up for a Mysore 'Self Practice'.

We'll delve into the basic Philosophy principles, gain a better understanding of Breath in the practice,

explore Meditation and learn how to respect your unique rhythm and its purpose.

 zł 450 / 1.5 hr per day

(If you would prefer a Zoom Meet up, let me know.)

Ashtanga + Mysore Class

zł 50 - 1 class / zł 180 - 4 classes / zł 350 - 8 classes

Private Class

1.5 hr - zł 250 / 1 person

1.5 hr - zł 300 / 2 people

Pls Note: Payment in cash is welcome.

'The hour of fulfillment is buried in years of patience'

- Mary Oliver

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